Model Sex Slave 03

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Model Sex Slave 03

The following morning Diana washed her /mistress/">mistress in the shower. She was told what she would be wearing that day and Diana found every thing in the walk in closet and the dresser, placing it then on a chair next to the bed. She then dressed her mistress and helped with her hair and make-up. After dressing Marg, she followed her downstairs to the kitchen where she met Lee. She was making breakfast for everyone, naked like herself except for a small apron barely covering her stomach. She was no more than five feet tall, oriental and 19 years old. She had a very pretty face. Her thighs were thick and short, the waist small and her breast dome shaped with little points and /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples. Her buttocks were large for her size. She would learn later that she had an unquenchable sexual appetite. Marg kissed Lee passionately. "Diana, this is your sister Lee, kiss her please." The girls kissed on the lips. Marg sat down to eat her breakfast and informed Diana that she was to refer to other sex slaves as sisters. "So tell me Lee, how did your assignment go."

"Just fine, Mistress, everything went like you said and the client is happy. Oh, sister Diana what can I get you for breakfast."

"Just cereal, sister, please." 

"Your new sister is still going to school, Lee, at least for the next two weeks. So, when she gets home this afternoon you will teach her the chores. Oh, and show her how to enter her daily log on the computer and what she has to include."

"Yes, Of course Mistress."

"As long as you are going to school, dear you will wear your own clothing there. When you get home I decide what you wear, if anything. Lee will tell old waman xxxgx you how to dress if I am not here." As Diana finished her cereal, Marg looked at her and Lee. "Diana get up on the table on your back," she said suddenly. Diana obeyed immediately. "Lee, have sex with your sister, 69 style keep in mind that your new sister is a virgin so go easy on her hymen." Lee crawled on top of Diana, positioned her vagina so Diana could see it and proceeded to munch on Diana's. Lee was experienced and soon had Diana moaning with pleasure. Marg watched them closely as she ate her breakfast. Lee had one hand fondling Diana's buttocks and the other in her crack titillating her anus. That was new to Diana and she followed suit. Within five minutes, they both had orgasms. They got up and Marg spanked them both lightly ten times. They then kissed their mistress and thanked her for the orgasms. "You're welcome girls, get your self ready now Diana and I will drop you of at school. You will take the bus home." 

Diana got home at ten after four and was met at the door by Lee. Lee was wearing a knee length gray maid's uniform, buttoned at the neck, and low heels. Not the way she expected a /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave to be dressed but maybe their mistress didn't want them to be alluring while she was out. She wondered if Lee was wearing panties "I put the clothing you are to wear on your bed, sister. I will be there in a minute to change you."

She headed for her room and waited for Lee, wondering why Lee had to change her. On the bed, she found the same type of uniform that sister Lee was wearing, a bra, stockings and a garter belt to hold them up. There were no panties, so that answered her question. Lee came in and undressed her explaining that they were not allowed to dress or undress themselves as long as there were two of them in the house. After Lee had undressed her completely, she watched Diana put the clothing away. She then dressed her, starting with the garter belt, then the stockings. Everything fit except for the two-inch heels, which were a little tight.

"Sit here next to me sister" She said when they arrived at the computer. Diana did, looking at the screen. It said Diana log and yesterday's day and date.

"OK, you first met our mistress at her office at what, 13.30 yesterday, right."

"Yes, I guess so."

"OK, now, you did runway walk for her?"

"Yes, most of it naked."

"OK, so in the first column you see: name of partner. That's the Mistress. Next column, 'type of assignment: first interview. Type of action: present body to mistress. Was there any /foreplay/">foreplay or sex?"

"Well we kissed and hugged and ... well she played with my..."

"Good: masturbated by Mistress. Did you cum and did she."

"Yes, I had and orgasm, but I don't know...?"

"OK in this column, called result we will type orgasm and in the next a question mark. Now you arrived at this house when?" Diana told her and they went through the entire evening item by item. "OK, I know what happened at breakfast," Lee caught her eye, smiling shyly, "so I can fill that in. Now, if you know about computers you won't have any problems with this. The Mistress will give you a password that only you and her will know and every day you update your log."

"Yes I know computers, I do it in school."

"OK next, in this program you will enter data, about your personal information and your schedule. Lets see, the office has entered everything except your measurements and your height and weight. Let me take your uniform off, so I can take your measurements." She got a tape out of a drawer. She measured her hips first: thirty-six. She entered that on the computer, then the waist: twenty-nine and the bust: thirty-eight. "OK, your weight now," Diana got on the scales, it had a height ruler and Lee adjusted it and read: "five foot six and you weigh one hundred and twenty- three." She entered that on the computer and dressed Diana again. 

When she finished, they sat down at the computer again and Lee explained to her about the schedule. "Now, let's see its Friday, you are going to school for the next two weeks so we will enter: 'school 8:00 to 16:00 for each day.' Diana told what day she would finish and also that she was off on Monday. Lee entered the data. "OK, now, when was your last period?" Diana told her the dates, they counted the days to the next, and she typed in 'period' for four days. Then she counted again and typed in the four days. "You can see that each day has a square block with lines, we have entered your cycle on the top line. The other lines are morning, afternoon, evening and night and you school schedule has been entered in the morning and afternoon sections. So for today we will add, 'housework' in the afternoon section and Mistress in the evening part. This computer is hooked up to the office computer so sometimes the mistress will enter bokep sma pecah perawan data and edit your schedule. Then you know what day and time she has assignments for you. I know you have I lot of questions, Sister but I'm not allowed to tell you any more."

"I know you can't, Sister but I am very happy that my future is in our Mistress's hands."

"Me too" Lee smiled at her. "Good, now at 18:45 we meet in the shower room and get each other ready for supper. I will get your clothes out for you. If everything goes according to plan, the mistress will arrive at 19:00. You will then go with her to the bedroom and get her ready for the evening. Now, we have to get to work. You will clean the gym, this office space and the bathroom. I am going to the kitchen to start supper for 19:30. There is a closet in the shower room where you will find everything you need."