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As you open the front door, you smell scented candles and my perfume. As you step through the doorway, the rose petals scattered on the floor leading to your room tell you that I have something romantic planned for us tonight. Your heart beats faster at the prospect of having a romantic dinner with your /sweet/">sweet, innocent girlfriend”

Little did you know”
You followed the rose petals to your room and open the door. The lights are off, and candles are all that's illuminating the room.

You see me, sitting on a chair, wearing nothing but a black lacy bra and thong, holding a whip in my hand. As I see a bulge begin to form in your pants, I slowly spread my legs.
”Hey baby”, I say, ”Been expecting you.”
”I don't understand,” you say. ”You”ve always been so'sweet and /cute/">cute and innocent.”

I laugh, and tell you that every girl has her secrets.

You stand there motionless, not sure how to react to my sudden change in behavior. You want to grab me and fuck me like an animal, but you think it would be too much too soon, so you try your best to hold back. You”re afraid you can't control yourself, so you clench your fists tightly.

I see your desires, your fantasies taking place in your head”I stand up, walk towards you, and kneel down. I unzip your pants, licking my lips in anticipation”but as I release your hard-on, I refrain from tasting you. 

Softly, I start stroking your cock, teasing it free porn movies download to full hardness. I slowly lick your throbbing hard-on, stroking your balls with one hand. 
You want to feel me suck you hard, so you grab my hair to push my head down on your cock, but I resist and stand up. 
You can't take it anymore, so you grab me roughly, push me onto your bed, and take off your shirt. 

”I'm going to fuck you so hard,” you say through gritted teeth. But I move away as you get on the bed. And for the /first-time/">first time, you notice that I”ve tied silk sheets to the posts of your bed. You look at me incredulously, wondering what else I had in store for you. You reach over to pull me closer to you, and start to stroke my face. As you run your fingers over my lips, I take them into my mouth and give them a hard long suck. You feel a rush to your groin, and you try to kiss me, but I push you back and start to tie you to the bed. 

I make sure to tie you not too tight ” so there would be a chance for you to break free when you really wanted. But I know, for a while, you would secretly enjoy being helpless. 
After I tie you down, I get off the bed and open a drawer. I take out the porn magazines that you took great care in hiding from me.

”Oh god babe I'm so sorry”, you say, beginning to wonder whether I would really hurt you. 
”You”ve been a /bad/bad-boy/">bad boy, haven't you,” I say. ”Why didn't you tell me this was what you wanted?” I ask, holding up pages about bondage and /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking that you ripped out of your magazines. 
”I didn't know it was what you wanted too”” you say. 

I drop the magazines and climb onto the bed. Slowly, I stroke your cock with the whip, and you grow hard again. I straddle you, and lean down as if to kiss you”but I gently brush my mouth against yours and run my tongue over your lips. You struggle to kiss me, but all you can do is get a taste of my tongue, which drives you even crazier. 

I run my tongue down your chin, to your neck, over your chest, down your stomach”but I leave your cock and lick your balls instead. You moan as I take them into my mouth and suck them gently, and I run my tongue softly over your cock. Your moans suddenly become louder as you struggle to break free from your restraints, and you grunt ”Suck my cock, you little /bitch/">bitch”. 
I lift my head. ”What did you call me?” I ask. 
”Bitch”, you whisper. 

I get off the bed and run the whip over your face. ”Don't call me a bitch.” I say, and I then crack the whip down on your chest, making you cry out. I see that even through the pain, your cock has hardened. 
”Do you understand me?” I say, and bring the whip down harder, making you struggle wildly.

”Yes, I understand,” you moan, hoping that I wouldn't whip you again. 

I see that the pain is a little a too much, so I drop the whip. I bite my lip, unsure of what to do, as I expected more time with the whip. Seeing my hesitation, you say, ”C'mon baby, untie me now.” 
I turn back to you, and smile. ”Oh no, I'm not done with you yet.” 

Slowly, I climb back over you, making sure that the soft material of my thong brushes over the head of your cock. I lean down again, but this time, I softly run my tongue over your ear. ”If you want me to let you go, you gotta beg for me,” I whisper. 

You struggle to break free as I suck your earlobe and trace kisses down you neck.

”Please baby, I can't take this anymore””you moan. I remain silent, and instead, I slowly take my bra off. I put my fingers in your mouth, giving you a brief moment to suck them, then I run my wet fingers over my nipples. As you see them go hard, you want to put them in your mouth. ”Oh god babe,” you say hoarsely, ”I want to touch you, taste you””

”Is that all you want to do?” I ask, running my fingers down my own body, and I take my thong off. As I spread my legs you see that I am already dripping wet. Breathless with desire, you whisper, ”I also want to shove my huge /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into that tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy of yours.” Hearing you say those words, I feel my pussy growing hot. Again, I put my fingers in your mouth. You suck them desperately, but I quickly pull them out again. ”What are you doing?” you ask. Without replying, I straddle you again and spread my legs wide, with my pussy inches from your face. You lift your head to try and taste me, but you just can't reach. 

”Baby, please don't do this to me,” you groan. But I am so horny, you can feel the heat from my pussy on your face. I reach down, between my legs, and softly stroke my clit. As I start to moan, you feel your cock growing harder and harder. You see the juice dripping from my pussy onto your chest, and you feel like your cock is about to explode. 

”I can't take this anymore!” you cry through gritted teeth. ”Let me fuck you hard.” I put my wet fingers in your mouth, allowing you to taste my /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. You really can't take it anymore, and as I take my fingers out, you struggle as hard as you can to break the sheets tying you down. Suddenly, the sheets snap, and with a grunt you sit up and grab my hair.

”You”re gonna pay for this, you bitch,” you whisper into my ear, you drag me off the bed. You slam me against the wall, and kiss me hard, shoving your tongue into my mouth. I reach down to stroke your hard-on, but you push me down onto my knees. 

”Open your mouth,” you say. I look up at you defiantly. 
”Open your mouth and suck my cock, you nasty slut.” My mouth opens in shock of what you call me, and seeing your chance, you grab my hair and violently shove my head down onto your cock. I have no choice but to suck hard. You shove my head down again, this time so hard that it makes me gag. You cry out as you feel my throat tightening around your cock, but you don't want to come in my mouth so you pull out. 

You full hd xvideo download pull my head, making me stand up. ”Are you ready for me to fuck you, huh? Fuck you like the nasty /whore/">whore you really are?” you grunt in my ear. Roughly, you turn me around and press me again the wall with my back against your chest. Reaching down, you slowly rub my clit, and as I start to moan, you force two fingers into my dripping pussy and fingerfuck me hard. As you feel me start to tighten around your fingers, you pull them out. 

”It's your turn to beg, you horny little slut,” you say. You take your throbbing cock and softly rub the head against my clit. 
”Oh baby, fuck me,” I whisper. 
”Yeah? You want that?” 
”Yes, please baby””
”Please what?” you demand, rubbing faster on my clit.
”Please, fuck me,” I whimper, craving to slam my pussy down on your cock.
”Fuck you how?” 
”/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, please, I need it, now”oh god baby just fuck me!” 

You can't hold back any longer, so you shove your /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard into my pussy. My pussy is tight around your cock, and even though I am dripping wet, you still have to thrust violently to get it deep. Fucking me from behind, your balls slap against my clit, driving me over the edge. 

”I'm gonna come baby”” I moan, and as you feel my pussy spasm around your cock, you feel your own orgasm building. 

”What's my name you bitch, say my name!” you grunt as you slam your hips against my ass. I scream your name as you explode your /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-my-pussy/">cum inside my pussy and you cry out as your knees buckle from the intensity of the orgasm. Again and again, my pussy spasms, milking your cock dry as you continue sliding your cock in and out. Reaching down, you cover your fingers in your cum and shove them into my mouth. Sucking your fingers clean, I stand up straight and turn around. 

”Is that better than your porn mags?” I ask slyly. 
You grin. ”Well, there is that thing on page 6 we could try””